About Us

We are SMcN Consulting

Our Purpose
We enhance the collective well-being of the people in the communities we serve by creating safe, sustainable, thriving environments.



SMcN Consulting Inc. is a mechanical engineering firm offering mechanical design and consulting services. In 2015, after 18 years of owning and operating a previous firm, our founder, Stephen McNicholls (P. Eng.) branched out to form a smaller boutique mechanical engineering consulting company on Vancouver Island. It was at this juncture that SMcN Consulting Inc. was born.



SMcN Consulting Inc. designs and oversees the construction of mechanical systems incorporating high-efficiency HVAC plants to optimize building energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and complement buildings designed to be LEED® certified.  

Our dedicated professional team will work collaboratively with each client to outline specific service requirements. We also efficiently assess & report on targeted areas of concern to find sustainable solutions and at a cost-advantage to our client. We work directly with clients on stand-alone mechanical projects or collaboratively with design teams on large, multi-disciplinary projects to ensure a cost-effective and well-integrated solution.


SMcN Consulting Inc. projects include the construction of new schools, building additions, renovations, mechanical upgrades and facility audits for 21 British Columbia school districts since establishing in 2015. Our team of engineers have a collective experience over their professional career of providing consulting services to 44 of British Columbia’s school districts. The depth of our engineer’s experience includes projects in K-12 schools, post-secondary institutions, healthcare facilities, multi-family residential buildings, office buildings and recreational facilities.